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Medicinal Magic Mushrooms Keswick–Elmhurst Beach, Canada

The highest quality lowest priced medicinal magic mushrooms Keswick–Elmhurst Beach, Canada

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Mail Order Medicinal Magic Mushrooms Keswick–Elmhurst Beach

Keswick is a community located in the south central Canadian province of Ontario. Situated north of Toronto on Cook’s Bay, Keswick is part of the Town of Georgina, the northernmost municipality in the Regional Municipality of York.

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Good strain, Good trip, i Love it😁

2 days ago

This is a good capsule experience I prefer the golden teacher, but my partner loved these. The capsules are great for experimenting with dosage, I took two at a time my partner took 8, and had a powerful experience. Would recommend.

2 days ago

Originally ordered to test some theories on quitting smoking, which I'll address. I really enjoyed the experience and felt at ease the whole time. I was productive for about 4 hours, introspective and lots of deep thinking. I'm usually about half a pack a day smoker. In the experiment I wrote down all the positive outcomes from quitting smoking before I took the dose and reviewed them once an hour after taking the dose. Just a thorough read through of the great things that could come from quitting smoking, be positive. I have had 3 smokes since taking the dose 18 hours ago. Every time I've had one I felt put off by everything about it. Those three weren't from a pack of my own but from someone who came over to help with some construction and offered them to me not knowing I was trying to quit, I didn't refuse. I haven't purchased any even though having multiple opportunities to do so. I'm optimistic that through repetition of the same process I can overcome the urge to smoke. If you go into it with a goal and a plan I think it can be a very enlightening experience.

3 days ago

Very strong mushroom with amazing visuals. I'm going to go against the grain and say beginners can use these. Just realize you need few of these than most other mushrooms. 1-1.5g should be a good time. If you decide to go further than that, the buckle up!

3 days ago

Really good high quality stuff

5 days ago

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