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  1. David Nguyen

    I got 4 different varieties! And they also gave me Godzilla envy for free. All potent stuff. Love it.

    Magic Mushrooms | Whole Mushroom Party Pack | 2ozMagic Mushrooms | Whole Mushroom Party Pack | 2oz

  2. David-Jay Daguio

    Needed to take quite a bit for a high but it was great and smooth

    Blue Meanie | Microdose Capsules | 500mgBlue Meanie | Microdose Capsules | 500mg

  3. Tyler Durden

    A gram of Golden Teacher is all you need for a nice, relaxing afternoon.
    Worries? What worries?
    All gone!

    Golden Teacher | Magic Mushrooms | Capsules | 500mgGolden Teacher | Magic Mushrooms | Capsules | 500mg

  4. Nicole Blanchard

    Love these Scooby snacks, love the effects. Easy to titrate to the right dose. Great for beginners too.

    Magic Nootropics | Scooby Snacks | 250mgMagic Nootropics | Scooby Snacks | 250mg

  5. Nicole Blanchard

    These cookies are so good! Very simple to bake, and don’t taste like mushrooms.

    Psychedelic Chocolate Chip Cookie Party! - 6000mgPsychedelic Chocolate Chip Cookie Party! – 6000mg

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