Psilocybin: calls to ease restrictions on magic mushroom drug

Psilocybin: Calls to ease restrictions on magic mushroom drug

An MP has called on the government to ease restrictions on a drug found in magic mushrooms to allow it to be used to treat mental health conditions. Charlotte Nichols spoke about her own experience of PTSD as she urged ministers to make it easier to research potential...

New mushroom species named after paul stamets: psilocybe stametsii

New mushroom species named after Paul Stamets: Psilocybe Stametsii

It's always impressive to see great minds being honored for their contributions - and Paul Stamets is no exception. For over four decades, mycologist Paul Stamets has revolutionized the world of fungus. Now, his legacy will forever be remembered with a species bearing...

Psilocybin and mental health: the magic in the mushrooms

Psilocybin and Mental Health: The Magic in the Mushrooms

Humans have long capitalized on the metabolic products of fungi for medical purposes (e.g., penicillin). Psilocybin is a fungal metabolite that has attracted increased attention from media outlets, clinicians and researchers in recent years. Naturally found in a...

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