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Follow The Rainbow Hot Chocolate | Magic Mushroom | 500mg & 1000mg

(15 customer reviews)


Creamy Hot Chocolate with super fun rainbow marshmallows! Our incredible forest blend of organically grown Magic Mushroom-infused creamy hot chocolate is perfect for cool nights by the campfire with friends or just relaxing at home.

Simply mix with hot water, milk, or any plant-based beverage.

500mg or 1000mg


500mg or 1000mg packages of our forest blend of organically grown Magic Mushroom infused creamy hot chocolate


  • Forest blend of organically grown Magic Mushrooms, sugar, modified milk ingredients, glucose solids, cocoa, hydrogenated coconut, palm kernel and soy oils, cellulose gum, salt, silicon dioxide, dipotassium, phosphate, mono – and diglycerides, flavour and artificial flavour, Datem, guar gum, corn syrup, sugar, modified corn starch, dextrose, water, gelatin, natural and artificial flavour, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, colour
  • Simply mix with hot water, milk, or any plant-based beverage

15 reviews for Follow The Rainbow Hot Chocolate | Magic Mushroom | 500mg & 1000mg

  1. Mladen D.

    Great product, “ travelled to Neptune and back!”🤩

  2. Tomasz

    Great Product

  3. BaileyS

    So tasty! I LOVED the rainbow marshmallows in there and the trip was lovely too!

  4. Ethan Bradshaw

    Great for beginners make a cup and have a very nice relaxing night

  5. Eva1111

    Quite tasty but not very strong, even though I used a few pieces from the belgian chocolate the trip was very short. Overall an ok product.

  6. Mrmike12

    A nice relaxing trip after a hard days work. Creamy and tasty. Great experience.

  7. Nicole Jackson

    Holy moly this product was awesome! My roommates and I mixed these marshmallows with our cocoa powder, brown sugar and lactose-free milk on the stove. It was a great experience, with a such a warm sweetness flooding our mouths. Enjoy!!

  8. LaughingHyena

    Simply delicious with a nice high to boot

  9. Renee Berschaminski

    I love this, it’s super delicious and I used one bag for 2 people.

  10. Marie-Annick Diotte

    It was the best hot chocolate ever!!!!! Loved it with cashew milk!
    The light buzz and very expansive thought process yet relaxing vibes were an amazing experience! Just ordered some more!

  11. Blake Beauregard

    ok first thing I noticed is YES! THERE IS MARSHMALLOWS IN THIS. it was very delicious. good for microdoses.

    I wanted to drink it all down but it was a little too hot 🔥

  12. AJ Verhappen

    The trip was good. Have to make sure to stir it real good so all the bits mix in.

  13. Angelina Bradshaw

    This hot chocolate was so smooth and yummy!!
    I loved the hint of earthy flavours and the easy build up of the high I will diffinitly buy again

  14. Jocelyn DeLozier

    We definitely tasted the rainbow. This hot chocolate and marshmallow. Stirred it all thoroughly. It was smooth, tasty and we enjoyed some time hiking in the first connecting with the earth. Good taste and good quality. Will purchase again

  15. Angelina Bradshaw

    The hot chocolate is the best way to end a busy day!!!
    With it’s dark chocolate teast that dances across your tounge, all the way to the perfect blend of mushrooms to help you drift off to sleep with a good show and a blanket !! Always a must when I buy!!!

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