Magic Mushrooms: 5 Tips for a Great Trip

A great magic mushroom trip is a powerful experience, whether recreational or in the case of psilocybin as a treatment for depression, anxiety, or substance abuse. If you’re thinking about trying magic mushrooms, here are our top 5 tips for a great trip!


1: Do Your Research 



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The first key to avoiding a bad trip is knowing what you’re getting into. You’ll want to have a basic understanding of psychedelics in general and magic mushrooms in particular. Though shroom trips can vary widely between people, you’ll want to be familiar with common experiences (like a distorted sense of time) and side effects (like nausea).

Picking the right dosage is a matter of personal choice, but you can use the following guidelines for dried mushrooms as a rule of thumb:


Microdose (Subperceptual): 0.1-0.5 grams

Low Dose: 0.5-2 grams

Moderate Dose: 2-3.5 grams

High Dose: 3.5-5 grams

Hero Dose: 5+ grams


Erowid provides a great educational resource, containing general information, traditional and medical uses, user-submitted experiences, and more.


2: Gather Your Supplies


supply kit

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On average, a shroom trip lasts 4-8 hours. Having the right supplies handy will help you stay as present in your experience as possible.


The first supply you’ll need is magic mushrooms! There are many types of mushrooms (we carry more than 12 kinds ourselves) – pick the one that’s right for you and order them online or acquire them however you plan to.


Next, make sure you have food and water available – leftovers, granola bars, anything simple. Fill up a large water bottle and keep it nearby throughout your trip.


Eating magic mushrooms on an empty stomach is a good idea ­– no food for at least three hours will help your body absorb the psilocybin more quickly and can help prevent nausea ­– but you should eat and drink relatively normally through your trip. Preparing a meal, even getting to the kitchen, can be a much more difficult task than normal while under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.


Other things you might want to have on hand are a journal and pens, art supplies, a good luck charm, or any other personal item that brings you a sense of security.


3: Prepare Your Space


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Magic mushrooms are best experienced in a setting that makes you feel safe and comfortable. For some, this will be at home – for others, a favorite camping spot. Many people find that being in nature is calming and promotes a sense of connection.


What exactly makes a space comfortable is different for everyone, but some easy ideas include pleasant lighting, soft clothes or blankets, and calming scents (from candles, air fresheners, or a diffuser if you use one). Make sure your speakers are charged (or plugged in) and your playlists are downloaded. Set your phone to airplane mode or turn it off.


Regardless of which space you choose, you should always bring a trip sitter. This is a sober, trusted friend who can ensure you remain safe throughout your trip. Having a good trip sitter with you will allow you to open yourself up more fully to the experience.


4: Maintain a Positive Mindset


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Magic mushrooms, like all psychedelic drugs, profoundly alter your perception of your surroundings. The best way to experience this, and the most important factor in preventing a bad trip, is to remain open, honest, and aware.


Sometimes difficult thoughts or painful memories will come up during the course of a shroom trip. Remember ­– moments of discomfort can often be a part of good trips. Opening yourself up to new ways of looking at difficult truths, allowing yourself to engage with and re-assess them, is one of the gifts that magic mushrooms can provide. Your trip sitter should be someone you feel safe being truly open with.


Trying to dismiss or ignore something uncomfortable often leads to more distress than engaging with it. Maintaining a positive mindset is all about trusting your surroundings, trip sitter, and experience – follow the path wherever it leads and appreciate what you find along the way.


5: Enjoy Your Trip!


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Once you’ve done your research, gathered your supplies, prepared your space, and learned how to maintain a positive mindset, you’re ready to enjoy your trip!


Whether you’ve chosen to eat dried mushrooms, take an edible, or make a shroom tea, the effects should begin setting in after anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Consider having your favorite herbal tea around, especially one with ginger, in case of nausea.


Many people report “waves” of intensity throughout their trip, sometimes believing that their trip is ending only to experience another wave. Keeping this in mind will help you float on the waves rather than being hit by them. For others, particularly at lower doses, the intensity remains fairly even throughout their trip.


If you’re well prepared in a safe, comfortable place with a trusted trip sitter, all that’s left is to open yourself up fully to the experience. Trust yourself, your surroundings, and your experience.


Finally, don’t try to guide your trip – let your trip guide you, practice gratitude for the places you end up, and enjoy!


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