Shrooms are known for their profound effects on consciousness and perception. Taking a moderate dose, the experience usually lasts between 4-6 six hours, with the peak occurring 2-3 hours after consumption. Taking a larger dose will increase the length and intensity of the trip. Psilocybin can invoke a wildly diverse range of responses in consumers. Those who trip on shrooms commonly report changes in perception and time, including dream-like feelings, illusions, hallucinations, and synesthesia, or a mixing of the senses, such as sounds triggering color and other visuals. Consumers often report altered sensory experiences such as flowing patterns or fractal images, a sense of time being drawn out, and personal insights that feel deeply meaningful. These trips can be extremely positive experiences but can also be frightening and disorientating. Cognitive function can also be affected, causing divergent thinking—spontaneous, free-flowing, non-linear thinking—unlikely word associations, enhanced creativity, and an emphasis on the experience and meaning of music. Mood swings often occur on top of these: Individuals may experience a range of intense feelings, spanning from bliss and elation to anxiety.
A consumer’s mindset and the context in which they take mushrooms will strongly influence the direction a trip takes—this is known as “set and setting.”
For many people, mystical experiences are one of the most defining or memorable features of a shroom trip. Mystical experiences are defined by feelings of unity or interconnectedness with the surrounding world, peace, joy, a sense that time and space have been transcended, and the belief that the experience has provided insight about the nature of reality. Often deeply meaningful, these encounters have the ability to initiate profoundly positive, enduring changes in a person’s life. It’s important to note that the consumer’s mindset and the context in which they take the mushrooms will strongly influence the direction a trip takes—this is known as “set and setting.” Why a consumer takes psilocybin, or what they hope to achieve—intention—is equally important. Dosage also plays a role in how a trip turns out. Low doses usually result in more mild effects, like drowsiness and intensification of the pre-existing mood. These effects start to ramp up as the dose increases: Medium doses can lead to a controllable altered state of consciousness, while higher doses can send the consumer into a strong psychedelic experience.
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