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The Next Evolution in Medical Magic Mushroom Micro-dosing and High Dosing is here! This Magic Mushroom extract is one-of-a-kind, incredibly potent, and only found at Magic Mushies!

Micro-dose effects include overall well-being, improved cognitive functions: focus, concentration, calmness, energy, lightness, positivity, optimism, creativity; and reductions in depression, nervousness, social anxiety, and overall stress.

At higher doses effects include extremely high levels of energy, waves of warmth, visual distortions, euphoria, spiritual revolutions, altered consciousness, hallucinations, and time-altering perceptions are experienced. Effects are similar to the warmth and waves of MDMA combined with intense amounts of energy and the mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms, all without the unwanted edge. A mind blowing experience where the positive medicinal benefits have been shown to last for days.

  • 38.7mg/g of Psilocybin per gram of extract
  • 5x stronger than Dried Magic Mushrooms
  • Lab Tested, No Impurities
  • Super Fast absorption and fast acting (5-25 minutes)
  • Highly potent, bioavailable, and rapidly absorbable
  • Ingest orally or mix with a small glass of water or pop

Lab Test Results: Psilocybin – 38.7mg/g (3.87%), Psilocin – 2.45mg/g (0.245%) ,Baeocystin – 0.112mg/g. (1.12%)

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Product Details

Magic Mushies Magic Mushroom Psilocybin Extracts

The Next Evolution in Medicinal Magic Mushroom Micro and Macro dosing is here! Magic Mushies Psilocybin powder extracts are one-of-a-kind, incredibly potent, and only found at Magic Mushies™.
The Magic Mushies engineering team has developed proprietary, in-house extraction technology and standardised techniques to extract the active compounds in Psilocybe Cubensis Magic Mushrooms: Psilocybin, Psilocin, and Baeosystin. Magic Mushies extracts are the result of a dream, followed by extensive research, trials, and lab testings.

Product Description & Details

This psilocybin extract is arguably the fastest and most bioavailable transport mechanism for the body to absorb the active psilocybin and psilocin molecules. Our premium, in-house grown dried mushrooms, perfected by our mycologists and lab technicians, are extracted through a refined and perfected process by our lab technicians. The extraction process removes all unwanted plant material that causes stomach discomfort and unwanted effects.

Extracts are highly potent, bioavailable, and rapidly absorbable, making them much stronger than dried magic mushrooms. You will feel effects in 5-25 minutes.

Contained in This Package

  • 1 Gram of Magic Mushroom Extract
  • Lab Test Results: 38.7mg/g (3.87%) Psilocybin, 2.45mg/g (0.245%) Psilocin, 0.112mg/g (1.12%) Baeocystin

Go Slow: This extract is incredibly strong

Directions for Use

The effects of Magic Mushrooms can vary from person to person based on weight, food consumed that day, amount of food in the stomach, sleep, general tolerance levels, and many other factors. Start at micro-dosing or low dosing levels and go from there.

Please keep in mind that extract is much more absorbable than dried mushrooms. The effects are felt much faster and stronger; a little bit goes a long way. DO NOT consume the extract equivalent of the doses you are used to when taking whole dried mushrooms.

For best results, ingest orally on an empty stomach. Extract can be added to a cold, neutral beverage to drink.

Directions for Storage

It is critical for the extract, in order to preserve its potency, that it is stored in a cool and dark place like the fridge. Heat and light will degrade the extract.

Why Use Magic Mushies Extracts

People from all walks of life are using psilocybin to help bring a sense of peace, awaken on a spiritual level, create a strong feeling of excitement and euphoria, increase creativity, give a sense of relaxation after an exhausting or stressful day, enhance the senses, and to decrease prescription medications that cause unwanted side effects. Adding Magic Mushies Extracts into your life can help elevate your health and wellness, improving your life in every aspect. Psilocybin extract from magic mushrooms has proven in medical studies to help patients suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, improve creativity, reduce anxiety, nervousness, social anxiety, stress, improve cognitive functions, focus, concentration, mindfulness, mood, optimism, and to improve general day-to-day well-being.

Dosing & Effects of Magic Mushies Psilocybin Extracts

Micro-Dose Effects (10mg-50mg)
There should be no psychedelic effects or loss of control. Micro-dosing should be imperceptible. These doses will have medicinal and spiritual benefits, especially when taken regularly over time. Benefits include increased overall well-being; reductions in depression, nervousness, social anxiety, and overall stress; and improved cognitive functions: focus, concentration, calmness, energy, lightness, positivity, optimism, and creativity.

Low Dose Effects (50mg-150mg)
Low dose effects include noticeable increases in energy, positivity, fullness, enhanced colours, lightness, giddiness, euphoria, increased creativity, clarity, and connection with others and nature. You will not usually have full-blown psychedelic experiences, but some visual distortion and enhancement may occur.

Medium Dose Effects (150mg – 250mg)*
You will most likely experience some psychedelic effects including open and closed-eye visuals, synesthesia (blending of the senses), stronger euphoria, and increased energy and connection. At this dose you may not yet experience the complete dissolution of your normal sense of self or the truly mind-blowing effects people report from higher doses.
*We do not recommend starting with this amount. The extract is rapidly absorbable and much more potent. Start with a micro-dose or low dose to test your experience with the extract

High Dose Effects (250mg-500mg)*
These doses are where extremely high levels of energy, waves of warmth, visual distortions, euphoria, spiritual revolutions, altered consciousness, hallucinations, and time-altering perceptions are experienced. Effects are similar to the warmth and waves of MDMA combined with intense amounts of energy and the mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms, all without the unwanted edge. A mind blowing experience where the positive medicinal benefits have been shown to last for days.
*We do not recommend starting with this amount. The extract is rapidly absorbable and much more potent. Start with a micro-dose or low dose to test your experience with the extract.

What is micro-dosing?

  1. Microdosing is taking a sub perceptual amount of magic mushrooms. It’s not enough to trip or have any type of visuals, but it’s enough to have amazing brain benefits. When consumed, psilocybin starts to mimic serotonin and stimulates a receptor called the 5HT2A receptor. This does two amazing things:
    It stimulates BDNF, aka brain derived neurotrophic factor, which is basically miracle growth for the brain. It’s responsible for new growth, connections, and activity.
  2. It increases transmission of glutamate. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter responsible for learning, memory, and cognition.
    So how does it feel? It’s pretty rare, but some people say they feel nothing at all. At first, the most common effects are elevated mood and positive emotions such as appreciation, gratitude, love, and happiness. Some people say it’s just harder to get irritated, depressed, and anxious.

Micro-dosing Psilocybin (Magic Mushroom) extracts may:

  • Stimulate divergent thinking and creativity
  • Improve mood and focus, optimism, and life appreciation
  • Increase creativity
  • Improve mental health
  • Improve symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and depression
  • Improve focus, concentration, and mindfulness
  • Improve energy, wakefulness, and stimulation
  • Enhance problem solving
  • Social benefits
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase ambition, productivity, and motivation


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