Shroom Bros Magic Mushroom Review & Competitors

Shroom Bros Magic Mushroom dispensary has been around for approximately 2 years. Their magic mushrooms product offerings include dried magic mushrooms, microdose shroom capsules, Magic Mushroom chocolates, and magic mushroom gummies. Their most popular dried mushrooms are the classic golden teachers and the Brazilian cubensis.

Shroom Bros Products

Shroom Bros products look to be high quality, with fast delivery.

Shroom Bros Competitors

Magic Mushies

It’s worth noting that sites such as stand as robust alternatives, offering a wider variety of dried mushrooms and chocolate bars at remarkably competitive prices.

Magic Mushies Online Magic Mushroom Dispensary has a sterling reputation as Canada’s most reputable and top-rated Magic Mushroom and Edible dispensary. They have serviced countless satisfied customers and thousands of product testimonials from satisfied customers. Their overarching mission revolves around delivering premium, pure, and consistent Psilocybin and Psilocin products that undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure their exceptional bioavailability and purity.

Behind the scenes, their team of top-tier Mycologists, lab technicians, visionary chefs, and confectionery maestros collaborate to conjure mind-bending experiences that elevate your mental and spiritual well-being.

The allure of Magic Mushies lies in the vast expanse of their selection, featuring a treasure trove of dried magic mushrooms and chocolate bars. For those seeking a more tailored experience, their offerings extend to specifically crafted Psilocybin extract jellies, perfectly suited for both microdosing and macrodosing endeavors. Embark on an adventure with Magic Mushies, where possibilities are as limitless as the cosmos.’

Shroom Bros is a reliable Online Magic Mushroom dispensary in Canada. Below you will find below the pros and cons of this business.


  1. Good variety of products
  2. Good reviews


  1. No point system (cashback)
  2. No first order discount
  3. No referral rewards
  4. No bulk discounts
  5. Limited selection of chocolate and chocolate bars
  6. Not sure if products are made in house
  7. The packaging looks unprofessional
  8. No live chat
  9. Unable to find an FAQ section
  10. Does not take Credit Cards
  11. Wholesale Pricing and Accounts

Shroom Bros Alternative: Magic Mushies

Magic Mushies is the best place to buy all your Magic Mushrooms, Chocolate Bars, Jellies, Tinctures, Teas, & Capsules.  With thousands of product reviews you can see how happy their customers are happy. Check out their first order discount, Referral system, Rewards and point system.

  1. Dried Mushrooms
  2. Chocolate Bars
  3. Tinctures
  4. Drinks
  5. Jellies
  6. Capsules
  7. Miracle Drops
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