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Zesty Cheese Magic Nachos | 1000mg

(10 customer reviews)


Zesty Cheese Nachos with 1000mg of Magic Mushrooms for those who want to trip out and eat the whole bag!


Trippy Zesty Cheese Magic Nachos 1000mg

Zesty Cheese Nachos with 1000mg for those who want to trip out and eat the whole bag!

75gr Snak Sak | 1000mg

Ingredients: Selected corn, vegetable oil, seasoning (corn maltodextrin, salt, cheddar cheese, whey, msg, buttermilk, romano cheese, whey protein, onion powder, vegetable oil, cornflour, natural and artificial flavour, dextrose, tomato powder, lactose, spices, colour, lactic acid, citric acid, sugar, garlic powder, skim milk, red and green bell pepper powder, disodium inosinate) calcium hydroxide. Contains milk ingredients | Gluten Free

10 reviews for Zesty Cheese Magic Nachos | 1000mg

  1. Chandler Deeble

    Very tasty an delicious with many great visual effects highly recommended !

  2. Jordan usher

    These were very tasty. They tasted similar to the Old Dutch Arriba brand chips. My bag was a little crushed when it arrived but the crumbs/ whole chips were still tasty!

  3. Suzan Anka

    Love these!

  4. Dan67

    If i did not know better I would of thought these were the real Dorito’s. lol I will 100% be purchasing this product again. They were awesome tasting. Whoever made these did a bang up job. Complements to the “Chef’…

  5. Mikaela Desjardins-Manser

    Very good. Taste like normal Doritos and definitely get the job done! My fiance and I ate these together and both had the perfect high.

  6. Adam Sone

    If 1g gets you high and getting visuals this will do the trick… That said, for an experienced tripper, make sure you get more than just this for your magical journey! I suggest the Jumbo Shreezies too!

  7. Julia Brooks

    10/10 for taste, high and experience.
    A must have purchase if you do not enjoy the taste but enjoy the trip!

  8. Crapaud

    I bought a doritos bag to compare and literally preferred the taste of those. They are dangerously good !

  9. Jackie

    Will be buying this with my every order from now on!!! Trip was AMAZING and they tasted BETTER than regular doritos. My favourite!

  10. KKDNR

    WOW!!!! As a first time user i was impressed by this product. The taste is awesome, the trip is great and the price is nice!!! 100% recommend it

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