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Variety Pack | Micro Dose Capsules | 100mg

(46 customer reviews)


Want to try Magic Mushroom Microdose Capsules but aren’t sure what kind to choose?  Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with our 100mg/Capsule Variety Packs!

With our 100mg Microdose Capsule Variety Pack, you can experience the benefits of micro-dosing

  • Golden Teachers (Psilocybe Cubensis) x4
  • Avery Albinos (Psilocybe Cubensis) x4
  • Penis Envy (Psilocybe Cubensis) x4
  • Blue Meanie (Psilocybe Cubensis) x4
  • White Teachers (Psilocybe Cubensis) x4

Product Details

  • 100mg of 100% Pure Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushrooms) in each capsule
  • 20 capsules of magic mushrooms per package


Want to try Magic Mushroom Microdose Capsules but aren’t sure what kind to choose?  Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with our 100mg/Capsule Variety Packs!

With our 100mg Microdose Capsule Variety Pack, you can experience the benefits of micro-dosing
  • Golden Teachers (Psilocybe Cubensis) x4
  • Avery Albinos (Psilocybe Cubensis) x4
  • Penis Envy (Psilocybe Cubensis) x4
  • Blue Meanie (Psilocybe Cubensis) x4
  • White Teachers (Psilocybe Cubensis) x4

Product Details

  • 100mg of 100% Pure Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushrooms) in each capsule
  • 20 capsules of magic mushrooms per package

46 reviews for Variety Pack | Micro Dose Capsules | 100mg

  1. Daniel Leonard

    Amazing product – the girl fans I were unsure where to start and this pack gave us a great intro and ability to try a few different kinds. We will be ordering again, and can not believe how easy the process was, how quick delivery was and how our overall experience thus far has been fantastic. Thank you Magic Mushies – can’t wait to order again!

  2. Michael Leonberger

    Purchased this product. Was a great introduction pack to micro dosing. I would highly recommed!!

  3. David Dyck

    I’m new to micro dosing so this product gives you a nice mix to help you find the mushroom and the amount you like.

  4. Maison Margiela

    Amazing Product!!! Would definitely order again.

  5. Jake Douglass

    Very good

  6. Mark Dickerson

    Great sample pack. It has a great selection that is easy to use with the included instructions.

  7. Mark Dickerson

    Loved this sample pack. It had included instructions that made dosing easy.

  8. Saad slaitane

    Incroyable j’ai adoré, la livraison etait rapide merci !!

  9. Chloe Wong

    Great value sample pack and great way to intro into different types

  10. Daniel R

    Good value. Lets you find out which strains are the best for you. Great if you’re just starting out.

  11. chewylouie

    Ordering another batch as it has greatly helped my mental health just after a week. it’s incredible.

  12. Taehyuck Chung

    A great introduction into the world of psychedelics.

  13. Corey Fawcett

    Love this product! I found it really grounded me and helped me work through my stress throughout the day. If you haven’t micro-dosed I definitely recommend

  14. Al B

    Awesome, great for those looking for that mental break, no visual effects, just peace of mind with this dosage. Definitely recommend.

  15. yeehaw123

    Perfect for what I needed. A great way to ease your way into micro-dosing and find the right strain for you. I was always too nervous to try out micro-dosing because of a few friends and their experiences trying to find the right dose / strain. This pack made things extremely easy and stress free. Highly recommend!

  16. Judith Streitenfeld

    I truly think I have found my answer to mild depression. I’m much happier, more focused, and definitely more motivated to get up and out. This package of assorted strains at 100ml dose made it a very easy way to start. I love this product.

  17. Maison Margiela

    Amazing shrooms

  18. ScorpioHex

    Perfect way to introduce yourself to microdosing with the 100mg and a wide variety

  19. Kaitlin

    Such a good trial pack to see which strain best fits you. All very good strains, happy trips. definitely will be buy more to try!

  20. Nicole Jackson

    Got this variety pack for the first time last month. It was a great way to try out some different strains. I have debilitating anxiety, and this micro-dose pack was perfect for me! I’ve been completely functional since I began micro-dosing.

  21. Nivedinc

    Great to be able to try a sample pack! So far so good.

  22. Susu604

    I love these ! Perfect for newbies <3

  23. Susu604

    My husband really enjoyed this pack 10 out 10.


    I was recommended to this company by a great friend who swears by them. I have been microdosing these capsules since October 2021 and I used them to replace my anti-anxiety medication (Effexor 175mg) that I was on for over 5 years. I cannot describe how wonderful it is to be off that medicine, it truly drains the life out of you. These caps that I take 100mg every 3 days, have made me feel more alive, more energetic, more social, and more like ME than I felt the entire time I was on Effexor. I had been feeling so wonderful that 3 weeks ago I quit smoking weed cold turkey. I have now officially NEVER felt better in my whole entire life. I thought weed helped with anxiety, it seems to at the time of smoking, but the secret is it only relieves your anxiety relating to having not yet smoked. Also, according to leading American Psychiatrist, Dr. Amen – cannabis of ANY FORM is the #2 thing that ages your brain prematurely, second only to Schizophrenia!

    I do a lot of other work towards my self improvement, including listening to lectures, podcasts, and reading books about self improvement techniques – but I believe these caps are the secret ingredient to my new success in life. I feel wonderful, my last order was a whopping bulk purchase because I don’t want to run out (and you get sick deals for large orders!!!).

    I will NEVER seek to buy my psychedelic mushrooms anywhere else and I recommend this company to anyone that seeks this enlightened lifestyle.

    THANK YOU Magic Mushies!

  25. Marie-Annick Diotte

    I knew nothing about microdosing, yet was so attracted to it for a long time! I tend to build up tremendous nervous tension and exploring with each variety showed me what I liked, and in what circumstances! Because we all know it’s important to feel good when we take them eh?!? (I remembered this from 20 years ago!) Even while microdosing, if you’re not in a good headspace, you will be shown full blown! So I appreciate the little doses! This variety pack even allowed me to identify that I am okay with a bit of a buzz too, so the Blue Meanie gave me that perfect balanced peaceful little buzz!
    The Penis Envy variety was almost a little too much creativity for me to handle!

    Whereas the White and Golden Teachers are really to support deep inner work.

  26. Ty Howard

    I suffer from cluster headaches and get them chronically every day for 6 years these have seemed to help not just migrate the pain but also boost my mood and outlook . I got the variety pack because I wasn’t to sure what would work best ! And it was fantastic ! So we’ll wrapped and packaged and the delivery was spot on and quick to ! Deffs be ordering again

  27. Stephanie Daher

    Great to have a variety pack to try different options I can already feel the quality while doing my first strain ( great nice feelings for microdosing purposes ) thank you ! Will be purchasing again

  28. james fuller

    After day 2 I noticed a feeling of well being and just feeling more grouded to my surroundings, fast shipping and excellent service.
    Thank you

  29. Chloe Wylder

    LOVE having the variety pack. I love mixin it up for micro-dosing!

  30. Maggs

    After reading articles about the promising medical trials around Psilocybin micro dosing for MS patients I thought I would give it ago. I can not tell you how much of a positive change I see. I loved that these capsules are the right dose every time for micro dosing and I loved the variety pack.

  31. Amy Rickard

    I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the selection and didn’t know where to start – this was just the ticket to help me figure out which strains I enjoy and how much is ideal for me. I feel much more confident about ordering now and would highly recommend these for anyone starting out.

  32. Hugh Kennedy

    This is a great way to try some different types. I like the smaller doses to try and see how my anxieties feel after them. Recommended.

  33. Trina

    I started microdosing with 25mg and slowly worked my way up, and 100mg is a good sweet spot so this variety pack is perfect. It was great for trying different types and seeing if any worked better than others for improving my mental health and focus.

  34. Bianca Jeune

    This is the best way to start microdosing. 100% recommend it.

  35. T13

    These are so perfect for microdosing! I havent been in a bad mood once since I started taking these a few times a week ! Definitely recommend

  36. db68

    Mild, manageable and very effective.

  37. Smush

    This is great for a first time microdoser! It gives you the option to try out different strains and figure out what ones works best for you! For me my favourites were golden, blue, white, and Avery. Penis envy my least favourite because it was just a little to much for me. Would recommend! 🙂

  38. Matrixlord

    i liked this option because i could try a variety… i know i am not a fan of golden teacher!! love white teacher and penis envy

  39. Kara Downey

    These are so great, not trippy at all. Just makes you feel happy and awake.

  40. Shun0819

    I haven’t done mush since high school and loved these. Now I’m microdosing whole mushrooms.

  41. Octavia MacIsaac

    This was a great and gentle introduction to the world of microdosing, they really enabled me to ease my way into magic mushrooms without fear. I would have preferred if a little guide came with the product, but the website information was useful. I look forward to exploring more shrooms. I would definitely recommend, especially if you just want to feel calm, and open.

  42. Abdul Baseer Siddiqui

    Great variety pack for starters. You get a feel of the different kinds of mushrooms, and you can start as small as 100mg.

  43. Michelange Chouinard

    A very good introduction to all types of strains, depending on who you are and how you think, each strain will show you a new perspective. I particularly enjoy golden teacher for their teachings and blue meanie for the retrospection of the past to clear trauma.

  44. Zoehailey

    Very impressed with the order system, and how I got my parcel within a couple days of ordering, the packaging is great! And the product it’s self is awesome to I just took one capsule so far and I think this a great dose for mucrodosiing I can’t wait to try the other strains!

  45. Jesse Roddick

    These were my first order through this site and I was not let down. I took 1 a day as directed and I felt great. I noticed a huge difference in my day to day mentality. Penis envy was my favourite out of the pack, but they all were very comparable. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to try out mushrooms and having all the positive effects without hallucinations.

  46. Ryan Ross

    First time trying Magic Mushrooms for me, so I decided to start at LOW dose. It was a good experience. I only took 200mg at a time and 1000mng throughout the entire day. It was good? I think I was too nervous to let the drug take full effect! Haha! But it was a great day. I keep taking them daily, and I notice I seem to be in better mood. I even seem to rollerblade much better. Crazy!

    Cool packaging ! It arrived super fast to my UPS box. I will now order much more magic mushrooms, now that it doesn’t have negative effects on me.

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