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Godzilla Penis Envy | Magic Mushrooms | AAAA * THESE ARE MASSIVE

(32 customer reviews)


Godzilla Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms are known for their deep shamanic experience, vision quests, and intense mystical experience. They are recommended for Intermediate and experienced consumers. Very High Potency

These Mushrooms are absolutely massive! You won’t find these anywhere else!

Dosage Recommendations

  • Mild Experience: .5-1 Gram
  • Medium Experience: 1-2 Grams
  • Intense Experience: 2-5 Grams


Godzilla Mushrooms are a variant of the very popular “Penis Envy” strain. To be more specific, the Melmac Mushroom strain is the original “Penis Envy” before Sporeworks reworked the spores to create what we know today. Melmac Mushrooms are superior due to the increase of Psilocybe growth. The Melmac Penis Envy is a rare psilocybe cubensis strain with a phallic shape, and if you ever have the chance to try this strain, don’t hesitate!
  • The name, Penis Envy, is adopted from Sigmund Freud’s theory on the development of heterosexuality in women and describes the physical form of the mushrooms, with thick shafts and a bulbous head. The Melmac mushroom stems are wavier and irregular.
The Godzilla Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms are known for their deep shamanic experience, vision quests, and intense mystical experience. They are recommended for intermediate and experienced users.

32 reviews for Godzilla Penis Envy | Magic Mushrooms | AAAA * THESE ARE MASSIVE

  1. Daniel Lajeunesse

    Just got them today. Delivery was prompt and the info such as tracking was easy to follow. I have not as yet tried them but will do so in the next few days and will update my review.

  2. Sinan Almis

    After getting the product I took a heroic dose it was an intense experience that helped me find myself.

  3. Limbo

    These are extremely strong. It was one of the journey for lifetime

  4. mono

    it’s so delicious and was perfect journey

  5. Deezy Da Trap God

    This was a great trip i really enjoyed the rollercoaster ride of emotions and the wavyness of the high deffinitely a must try if ylu have never tried it before do it up for sure.

  6. Deezy Da Trap God

    It was an amazing trip deffinitely a must try if you have never tried this one before i highly recommend it from yah boi deezy Da Trap God have a great trip everyone.

  7. Jay C.

    Be careful, very potent!
    With the right dosage it brought me to new highs.

  8. Billgoat11

    My friend and I consumed about 3 grams each trip lasted around 5-6 hours with Extremely strong visuals and sense of humour with these, wouldn’t recommend for beginners, very intense mentally. All around these were amazing will be purchasing these again!!! Please eat something soothing like ginger these are very hard on the stomach.

  9. Diego Braido dos Santos

    I took 3.5gr and the trip was amazing. I had intense visuals and lots of laughs. I recommend taking it with a partner to be able to have deep conversation with. I highly recommend this mushroom.

  10. moodygothgf

    Had a pretty good trip, would definitely buy again.

  11. Nadia85

    Really strong! Husband did 4grams and it tooo him to space! Strong visuals…he said it got kinda scarey at times and will only do 3grams from now on.

  12. Lucy123

    Conversations got deep at some points, a very strong trip with crazy visuals, and recommend for only experienced users.

  13. Mehul Katpara

    I loved this product, the shrooms are huge and very potent.

  14. Ryan Lough

    Best one’s yet, super good peak that just continues for hours. Highly recommend.

  15. Bradley Hornsby

    Great trip, best yet. Reordering now!

  16. Joseph Dobi

    Fantastic. Will buy again for sure

  17. Dana Chisholm

    I found these mushrooms pretty strong but it was a great experience you don’t have to take a lot to have a good time and the size of these are huge!

  18. JoanneNicole

    Loved the experience, great optics, creativity galore. Thank so much.🙏🏻

  19. Alastair Swann

    Huge caps and stems, loved the color show and dancing plants in my home, very easy mellow comedown, no crash, just off to sleep.

  20. Zachary Kosack

    Shipping was quick and these are definitely my new favourite! Definitely buying again!

  21. Chester Mareauny

    If was my first time ordering from these guys and the everything was amazing! These beauties were top notch. I have never been able to get such an experience from this magic plant. The third plateu successfully reached. All the demons are at peace. Was quiet an experience. Scary, but I needed it.
    Thank you.

  22. Dan67

    Very impressed. Large size and quite strong. Enjoyed the trips on this a lot. I swore my IQ tripled while on these lol Wow and I mean wow, just wow. Will order more when I need some more. 5+ stars.

  23. Josh

    These are so much fun!! Very intense and visual. Will definitely be ordering again

  24. Juan Pena

    Great experience, amazing visuals, we went outside and it felt like out of this world!

  25. Shun0819

    Super potent. Will order again for sure.

  26. Michelange Chouinard

    Melmac Penis Envy are like their cousin Penis Envy but smoother on the inside so you have space to think instead of overthinking. They’re very potent and helped me enjoy the outsides more.

  27. Nathan

    Took these on a camping trip. Great experience in nature. Trees, mountains, and lakes were even more magnificent

  28. Bianca Jeune

    Must take in nature for a beautiful experience. Also make sure your in a good spirit cause this one is very strong! High recommend it!!!

  29. Michelle Rupert

    This so fantastic and a great trip! Enjoy!

  30. Michelle Rupert

    This is very strong and a great trip! Enjoy!

  31. Bigcypress

    Amazing experience for people with Chronic pain!! Very recommended.

  32. Eugenio Daniel

    fantastic, very strong. Very recommended.

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