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Magic Nootropics | Scooby Snacks | 250mg

(46 customer reviews)


Magic Mushroom Scooby Snacks!

Each capsule contains 

  • 250mg of Golden Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushrooms)
  • 30mg Cacao powder
  • 30mg Ginger powder
  • 10mg Korean Red Ginseng
  • 30mg Fo-ti
  • 30mg Gotu kola
  • 30mg Ginkgo biloba
  • 30mg Bee pollen
  • 30mg Shilajit
  • 30mg Maca powder

Choose 20, 50, or 100 capsules per package.  Recommended Dose: 1-2 Capsules



Magic Mushrooms Scooby Snacks!! Scooby Dooby Doo!!

Fun little capsules that contain 250mg of Golden Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis. They have a low dose of magic mushroom combined with our blend of the world’s finest and natural body enhancing herbs and extracts causing the user to feel the amazing, euphoric and uplifting effects without debilitating themselves. Perfect for outdoor festivals, concerts, camping, or a night out. Doubling or tripling the recommended dosage will greatly enhance the psychedelic experience. They are tasteless and easy to regulate dosage. Each capsule contains
  • 250mg of Golden Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushrooms)
  • 30mg Cacao powder
  • 30mg Ginger powder
  • 10mg Korean Red Ginseng
  • 30mg Fo-ti
  • 30mg Gotu kola
  • 30mg Ginkgo biloba
  • 30mg Bee pollen
  • 30mg Shilajit
  • 30mg Maca powder
Container Size: 20, 50, or 100 capsules per package. Recommended Dose: 1-2 Capsules

46 reviews for Magic Nootropics | Scooby Snacks | 250mg

  1. Kitchen

    Scooby Snacks!! Finally, a scooby snack that’s got real top quality ingredients…everyone else’s is garbage comparably


    Fave capsule, great quality, fast delivery, definitely better alternative if shroom taste is difficult to handle. #1 choice for my order

  3. tctc1818

    these have been excellent for my mental well-being. Been enjoying my days off again because of these.

  4. Andrew Preedy

    Had a great time on scooby snacks. Felt very euphoric and had a great time!

  5. mudkip

    First time ordering mushrooms online and could not be happier! Fast delivery and excellent quality. For a beginner these were perfect!

  6. Leigh

    Wow is all I have to say. Best capsules I’ve tried so far. These provide a great alternative for those of us that can’t stand the taste of eating them. I took 2 to start and then another 1 capsule about 2 hours later. I felt so euphoric and the giggles were endless. Definitely buying these again!!!

  7. Shannon Olson

    These are my ultimate favourite!!! I get the perfect glow when I take 2-3 (sometimes more 😉) and always have a good time. Fast shipping, great product, will continue to order for sure.

  8. Christopher Powell

    I originally was taking the White Teacher 100mg for depression and decided to try the Scooby Snacks to see if the larger dose would be better. Wow….is all I can really say. Having felt depressed for the past 30 years and feeling normal is hard to put into words. I actually feel the difference in how my brain processes things that originally would have depressed me. If it wasn’t for the fact that they are illegal in Canada I’d be shouting it from the rooftops. I’ll be a life time customer of Magic Mushies. Saying thanks just doesn’t seem to be enough but THANK YOU MAGIC MUSHIES!!!!

  9. Dwight Acorda

    This product is a great mood elevator & enhancer! These get the job done in making one feel special and happy sustainably. Thank you!

    — Dwight A. @flippassion

  10. Jordan Scott

    will definitely purchase again. these are euphoric and colour brightening. so many giggles and creativity.

  11. Cassandra okrainetz

    One of the best capsules for microdosing or macro dosing I’ve had.

  12. gboobutters

    Above all, I’m simply appreciate being able to purchase. 1st time buy to test/looking to find that micro dose I’ve grown fond of, but these are all body and not for me.Tried 1, 2 and 4 cap dose, but 1 is its best. Multiples only made my body increasingly into mush while my head was just fine. Like wine or a bag of green it takes time to find the one =)

    PE6 is next.

  13. Maya Gay

    This was the first product I’ve tried with mushrooms in it. Felt really good knowing all of the organic ingredients in it and overall had a wonderful experience. Just made me feel happy and reduced anxiety. Would totally recommend as a gentle ease into mushrooms 🍄 😁

  14. Jeremy Spurrell

    Absolutely fantastic capsules! I took 10 my first time and I tripped super hard.

  15. Richard Griffiths

    So I went in on these not expecting much. But now I know that Friday night’s are much more fun, cause of these. Be mindful and enjoy the time you have on these little treates. I definitely recommend that you start with just one and learn what they are about. 5 stars

  16. Joseph Lamb

    These have been truly life changing for me, my quality of life has dramatically imprically improved since I started microdosing with these, I found my ideal dose to be 2 capsules in the morning, I’ve struggled with lifelong depression and ptsd symptoms as well as adhd, since I started taking these I wake up looking forward to the days, and I can function while taking them, great for daytime use, couldn’t be happier with this product and company, shipping was fast and discrete, A++, highly recommend!

  17. Adrienne Ervin

    These are the best Scooby Snacks I’ve tried yet. I love that the ingredients are clearly listed. One or two of these give me a great little energy and mood boost that lasts throughout the day. My overall ordering experience was super easy and shipping was quick and very discrete.

  18. Matthew Westby

    Scooby snacks are great for hikes out in nature or just in the morning to help set the mood for the day!

  19. Joe Palmer

    Amazing these scooby snacks are incredible. They have helped immensely with my depression. Recommended 1 dose to begin

  20. David Twigg

    These are great. 2 capsules provides a nice mood tweak without any debilitating effects. Will order again.

  21. Michael J Beep

    Now I understand why Shaggy behaves in such a way. Fantastic product. Perfect customer service. I really like the control provided by the lower dose. Definitely ordering more.


  22. S E

    Love these!

  23. Nvikelo Nyathi

    I have less intrusive negative thoughts now. I now enjoy work and have almost no anxiety when I feel like I didn’t do as well as I could(used to feel this almost every day).

  24. Taylor Dyke-Revels

    These were really good, felt very buzzy after just a half hour with only 2-3 capsules

  25. George Rogers

    Glad I tried these, they’re great if you don’t enjoy the taste of mushrooms. 2-3 worked for me and I had a fun experience, will be buying again!

  26. Leché

    Nice! I felt good and got a bit of an energy boost.

  27. Brett Ketler

    Great energy boost! Gorgeous feelings! I loved it!

  28. Kailey Christian

    Awesome product will keep some on hand all the time. Good energy boost and happy feelings 😊

  29. shayne wilkinson

    nice product. great for going out when you dont want to drink

  30. Angelina pesce

    They are great!! They make me feel happy all the time.i have more energy while on them. I will keep buying them .

  31. Gabi. S

    For the product, I give 5 stars. Great product, I feel like they give a lot of energy. However, it was hard to get my order processed. My credit card was not verified on time so some of the items I had initially ordered were out of stock and I could no longer pay for my order. I had to cancel my order and make a new one. I was also supposed to receive 7.5g of Golden teachers for free because my order was over 250$ and It was not in my order. I emailed magic mushier 8 days ago about this and I still have not received an answer. Overall quite happy with the products but disappointed with the customer service.

  32. Gabi. S

    I left the last review concerning the customer service and all I can say is : WOW. I received a message as soon as my review went up and were incredible. The situation was fixed above my expectations. Thank you again, 10/10 products and 10/10 customer service.

  33. James Boekestyn

    This is my 2nd time ordering the Scooby-snacks and it won’t be my last. A friend gave me some at our kids hockey tournament and it was a fantastic night of laughs, I in turn bought some and shared them with friends. Magic Mushies are the best!

  34. Matthew Maziarczyk

    The perfect way to introduce yourself to the wonderful world of mushrooms. 1 capsule is the perfect dose amount, 10/10 would recommend.

  35. Bjorn

    A great place to start in here. Consistent dosing makes it easy to titration to desired effect but taking one will brighten every day. I take no drugs now for PTSD. Except shrooms. Lol. The research doesn’t lie. They work.

  36. Chloe Wylder

    LOVE the scoobies! Perfect for social events, going out, or getting artsy at home! Fills me with giggles and love every time!

  37. Ramzy18

    These were perfect , dosage was perfect to not give me any negative side effects just the positive

  38. Nicole Blanchard

    Love these Scooby snacks, love the effects. Easy to titrate to the right dose. Great for beginners too.

  39. Christy Cheng

    loveee these. got my friends hooked as well!

  40. Elizabeth jane Richards

    Best ever

  41. Elizabeth jane Richards

    Can’t get enough

  42. Elizabeth jane Richards



    These are great! We took 3 on a hike in the mountains and it was the perfect zen. Not too much, just enough to feel great energy and enjoy the scenery a little extra.

  44. James Waldie

    This is the best nootropic i have tried. Simply wonderful.

  45. Skyler B

    The Scooby snacks 250 are really good. Perfect for micro dosing, I am blown away with how much it has helped improve my life since I have started. I would highly recommend and most definitely I will be ordering them again.

  46. Danielle Griffin

    Great product! Very low dose perfect for micro dosing or just trying out mushies for the first time!

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