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Golden Mammoth | Magic Mushrooms

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Golden Mammoth Magic Mushroom (Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Mammoth) is a strain developed by a Canadian mycologist (SporePod) from the late 90s. It lives up to its name as these shrooms are both very golden in colour and gigantic in size. This not so common strain is known to be a prolific, dependable and resistant grower, often growing as tall as 10 inches.

Dosage Recommendations

  • Mild Experience: 0.75 Grams to 1.25 Grams
  • Medium Experience 1.5 Grams to 2.5 Grams
  • Intense Experience 2.5 Grams to 5 Grams


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History of Golden Mammoth Magic Mushrooms

Like many other magic mushroom strains, the origins of Golden Mammoth are an enigma. The story goes that an “expert mycologist with over 30 years of experience” created the strain. The interesting thing is that this strain was only available through a commercial vendor in Canada. That led people to suspect that this mystery man is one of the top Canadian mycologists. Whoever this expert mycologist is, we may never know. They also claim to have professionally perfectedthe strain to have all the best growing characteristics. Some in the mushroom community were skeptical. Many thought that the overblown description was just hype. After all, it’s not uncommon for people to rename a strain. Shady vendors often take a popular strain like Golden Teacher or B+ and give it a new name. However, mycologists around the world found out that Golden Mammoth was indeed a unique strain. Now, the Golden Mammoth strain is a shining example of the quality of Canadian magic mushrooms.

The Appearance of Golden Mammoth Magic Mushrooms

Despite its name, Golden Mammoth magic mushrooms are not massive. In fact, they’re a little on the smaller end of the scale when it comes to P. cubensis shrooms. Overall, they’re about 8-10 inches tall when growing and have thin stems. The strain features a golden cap that opens up conically. However, once the Golden Mammoth magic mushrooms are dried, they lose most of their size. Dried magic mushrooms also take on a shriveled-up appearance. One thing you may notice is the presence of blue spots. These blue spots are known as bruises, and they happen when the psilocybin in the mushrooms comes into contact with air. This can happen during harvest, transportation, or even during storage. That means that it’s totally natural and nothing to worry about. Bruising doesn’t affect the potency or safety of your dried Golden Mammoth magic mushrooms.

Golden Mammoth Magic Mushroom Effects

If you’re searching for an experience like no other, then this is the strain for you. You’ll experience mind-bending visuals that include fractals, geometric patterns, and color splashes. Everything in view will become much more crisp, sharp, and can take on a breathing effect. On top of that, these mushrooms provide an energetic kick. Best of all, Golden Mammoth magic mushrooms provide an intense amount of joy. This is not a renamed B+ or Golden Teacher strain, as it was developed professionally to be one of the strongest, virus-free cubensis strains on the market. The effects of Golden Mammoth mushrooms tend to be more spiritual and enlightening by our staff survey. Expect a hard come-up then a long-drawn period of bliss of spirituality and enlightenment.  

11 reviews for Golden Mammoth | Magic Mushrooms

  1. Crapaud

    I had a really great trip using those!

  2. Glenn Walker

    I Had a great experience on these. A lot of fun, good for beginners.

  3. Nicole Jackson

    These mushrooms were a really great fit for both my best friend and I. Great experiences and will be ordering again for sure

  4. Kaitlinjagers

    These were a lovely experience. I had a 5 gram tea which gave me a nice body stone, very calm and chill. as well as some small but pretty visuals. The walls and pictures looked to be breathing and the veins on my friends kitchen floor were most definitely alive and moving. was a great trip and I would do it again!

  5. Dan67

    I ordered these and they were absolutly fantastic. Walked around and had a blast. Will be ordering again.

  6. Stephanie Osberg

    These are great! Slightly giggly, really helps with ptsd symptoms.

  7. Lawls

    What a great experience with these one, really felt the laughter with this one! Love them, recommend trying!

  8. Bradley Hornsby

    Not bad at all, trip was milder than other strains but felt more of a great “body” high.

  9. Ryan Lough

    I had a great time on these mushrooms. On walks, they accentuated the beauty of nature wonderfully. The visuals were great too.

  10. Shun0819

    Mild high. Very good for campfire. Had a blast with friends.

  11. Brett Laue

    Great visuals, everything in nature was amplified. There was a crispness aspect to everything we were seeing. Lots of introspection and reflection on what is life. Easy to reorient yourself and ground. Afterglow was amazing.

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