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5th Dimension Extracts | Miracle Drops | 1:3 | 3000mg


The Next Generation of Magic Mushrooms: Rapidly Absorbable, Highly Concentrated, Magic Mushroom Miracle Drops

  • Each 1ml Syringe contains 3g/3000mg Equivalent of whole mushrooms per bottle
  • Each 1ml Syringe contains 25 drops – 120mg/drop
  • Recommended for Microdosing to High Doses of Magic Mushrooms
  • A highly refined Psilocybe Cubensis Magic Mushroom Extract
  • Free of plant and chemical impurities allowing for very fast absorption
  • Incredibly fast acting within 5-20 minutes
  • Does not cause stomach discomfort
  • No plant roughage or horrible taste
  • Take orally or mix with your favourite drink
  • Lab Tested

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5th Dimension Extracts: Miracle Drops

The Next Stage in Microdosing

  • Each 1ml Syringe contains 3g/3000mg Equivalent of whole mushrooms per bottle
  • Each 1ml Syringe contains 25 drops – 120mg/drop
  • 120mg-240mg (approx. 1-2 drops) of miracle drops can be taken once or twice a day. Up to 4-5 days a week for medicinal effects
  • Incredibly fast acting within 5-20 minutes
  • Free of plant and chemical impurities allowing for very fast absorption
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, improve cognitive functions, and increase general wellbeing
  • Lab Tested


  • Pure Psilocybe Cubensis Extract
  • 25% Alcohol
  • 75% Distilled Water

Lab Tested

  • Free from impurities
  • Lab tested
  • Does not cause stomach discomfort
  • No plant roughage or horrible taste

Rapidly Absorbable

  • It is rapidly absorbable due to its pure extracted form and free of plant and chemical impurities
  • Effects are felt much quicker between 5-20 minutes with most people between 10-25 minutes


  • Keep in a cool dark place. Heat will decrease potency
  • Do not leave in artificial or natural light. Light will slowly decrease potency

General Dosing

Higher Dosing is what this syringe was designed for. – If you are looking for lower Medicinal dosing Click Here
  • Each 1ml Syringe contains 25 drops of liquid. Each drop contains 100mg of magic mushrooms.
  • The Entire Syringe contains 2500mg or equivalent of whole Dried magic mushrooms (2.5 Grams)
  • Take Drops orally. Mix with a small drink for easy consumption
  • Take on an empty stomach. Eating food before dosing can drastically reduce effects due to slower absorption
Low dose – Amount: 1 gram
One gram of magic mushrooms is commonly considered a low dose that still produces noticeable effects. These usually aren’t full-blown psychedelic effects with overt visuals or a break from consensus reality; you’re more likely to report euphoria and an enhancement of the senses, such as seeing more vibrant colors. At 1% psilocybin content, this would be 10 milligrams (mg) psilocybin. Note: This should not be considered a microdose; it is a low, noticeable dose.
Medium dose – Amount: 1.75 grams
If you have an eighth-ounce of magic mushrooms—a common quantity—and consume half of it, that would be 1.75 grams, or about 17.5 mg total psilocin. You will likely experience some psychedelic effects, including open- and closed-eye visuals, synesthesia (blending of the senses), and a heavier euphoria. However, you may not experience a complete dissolution of your normal sense of self, or the truly mind-blowing effects people report from higher doses.
High dose – Amount: 3.5 grams (an eighth-ounce)
An eighth-ounce, or 3.5 grams of dried mushrooms, will have around 35 mg psilocybin content. Ready or not, you’re going to have a full-blown psychedelic experience that will include heavy perceptual and cognitive distortions. You may or may not be able to hold a conversation or accurately perceive your surroundings, especially at the peaks, which often come in waves. No two trips are exactly alike, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to look back on this as a stand-out experience of your life. It is not advisable to take a high dose unless you have a safe, supervised setting to take them in.
Ultra-high dose – Amount: 5 grams
The late Terrence McKenna famously described the “heroic dose,” his preferred way of diving into the full depth of the mushroom experience: Five dried grams of mushrooms in silent darkness. At 1% psilocybin content, five grams will contain about 50 mg of psilocybin. At this dose, there’s not much you can do but lay down somewhere comfortable and let the experience wash over you. “You” won’t really be there once it hits. It will most likely be overwhelming, perhaps bizarre, and indescribable. Taking a dose this large is rare. Few people, even experienced psychonauts, ever take this much. It is not advisable to take even close to this dose without significant experience and an ultra-safe, comfortable setting.

Clinical trial results

How do the doses and descriptions above compare to what has been observed in controlled, human clinical trials? In some of the pioneering psilocybin studies done at Johns Hopkins University, controlled doses of psilocybin were administered to patients. The studies gave people a range of psilocybin doses and generally found that high doses often induced a “mystical-type experience,” the formal research definition for what we might call a “full-blown psychedelic experience.” The doses given to induce such effects were in the 20-30 milligram range for psilocybin, or between the medium and high doses in the dosing guide above. In other words, a full eighth-ounce, or 3.5 grams, of dried P. cubensis is likely to contain more psilocybin than the doses given to reliably induce mystical-type experiences in controlled human studies.


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