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  • Miracle Drops 5ml

    Magic Mushies Microdose Miracle Drops | 10mg Psilocybin

    $2 Magic Dollars

    Magic Mushies Microdose Miracle Drops | 10mg Psilocybin

    The Next Evolution in Medicinal Magic Mushroom Micro and Macro dosing is here! Magic Mushies Miracle Drops are one-of-a-kind, incredibly potent, and only found at Magic Mushies™.

    Micro-dose effects include overall well-being, improved cognitive functions: focus, concentration, calmness, energy, lightness, positivity, optimism, creativity; and reductions in depression, nervousness, social anxiety, and overall stress.

    At higher doses effects include extremely high levels of energy, waves of warmth, visual distortions, euphoria, spiritual revolutions, altered consciousness, hallucinations, and time-altering perceptions are experienced. Effects are similar to the warmth and waves of MDMA combined with intense amounts of energy and the mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms, all without the unwanted edge. A mind blowing experience where the positive medicinal benefits have been shown to last for days.

    Lab Test Results: Active Ingredients in 5ml Tincture bottle – Psilocybin 10mg, Psilocin 0.266mg, Baeocystin 0.113mg


    • 5x stronger than dried magic mushrooms
    • Incredibly fast acting within 5-25 minutes
    • Simple, easy to use dropper for correct dosing
    • Easy to carry and take with you
    • No stomach discomfort or the horrible taste of dry mushrooms
    • Free of plant and chemical impurities, allowing for very fast absorption
    • Reduce anxiety and stress, improve cognitive functions and increase general well-being
    • Take orally or mix with your favourite drink
    • Lab Tested with no impurities
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