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  • Awakening Bundle | Magic Mushroom Hero Dose Capsules Package |


    Awakening Bundle | Magic Mushroom Hero Dose Capsules Package |

    This Bundle is sure to awaken your mind to another dimension! Slingshot through a field of colors and shapes as you experience a high like no other.
    An epic bundle designed to enhance your perception and energize you through a full mind and body experience! We promise this high is unlike any mushroom
    high you’ve ever experienced.

    First-time users are recommended to take 1 each of the Starlink, Godzilla Snacks, and Zap caps. Wait 1-1.5 hours for results.
    For the more experienced, or brave, take 2 of each for a brand new mushroom experience!

    Comedown capsules are included for peace of mind, or in case your trip takes a less than pleasant turn.

    Take your Trip to the Next Level! Advanced

    • These are very strong Magic Mushroom Capsules. Not for Beginners
    • Incredibly fast acting within 5-20 minutes
    • Free of plant and chemical impurities allowing for very fast absorption
    • Does not cause stomach discomfort – No plant roughage or horrible taste.
    • Creates a sense of euphoria, increased spiritual States, general wellbeing, hallucinations, distorted reality
    • 2 capsules per container (2500mg each Capsule)
    • Lab Tested

    INGREDIENTS. Pure Psilocybe Cubensis Extract: Psilocybin – 18.388%, Psilocin – 0.829%, Baeocystin – 0.799%.

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