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Magic Mushies has the highest quality magic mushroom products, largest selection and best prices in Canada. Shipped discreetly and quickly to your doorstep. All produced in-house by our Mycologists, Lab Technicians, Master Chef’s & Candy Makers

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Magic Mushies Magic Mushroom Dispensary

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Live a Beautiful LIfe. Energy, Focus, creativity, mental wellness

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Magic Mushroom
Variety CApsules

Variety pack Microdose Capsules. Get a feel for things, Lighten your day, smile, explore, grow, expand

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Magic Mushroom
Scooby Snacks

Strong Psychedelic psilocybin infused mind expanding experiences

Psilocybin Extract Gummies

Amazing Tasting Psilocybin Extrac
Gummies. Strong and quick acting

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Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Delicious Belgian Chocolate Infused with Magic Mushrooms for microdosing or high dosing

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