6 Ways to Prepare Your Space for a Positive & Calm Trip

They say that the key to having a good psychedelic trip is to start with set and setting. What does that mean? A positive, open mindset and a comfortable setting in which to trip, wherever that may be for you. Here are some ideas to make a space more inviting for a relaxed and fun time with shrooms

1. Clean Up!

It’s always a good plan to clean up your environment before you embark on a psychedelic journey. If you’re tripping indoors, tidy up your area first: make the bed, take out the garbage, take care of the laundry pile, etc. It can sometimes lead to anxious or negative thoughts if you trip before you’ve taken care of yourself and your obligations.

2. Lights! 

sarah wolfe pMIUEkvjTeo unsplash - Magic Mushies

Turn off the room’s usual bright, overhead lights and set the mood with some combination of these:

  • Projector lights & lasers
  • Lava lamps & glitter lamps
  • Christmas, fairy & rope lights
  • Lanterns or candles (in a safe place)
  • UV/black lights & white/neon items for contrast
  • Glowsticks & other glow-in-the-dark things
  • A campfire (if allowed)

3. Music!

Prepare an awesome playlist for your magic mushroom trip. Everyone’s tastes are different of course, so experiment with listening to different music that makes you feel happy and comfortable, until you find the right vibe. You might find that some music you enjoy while on a trip is different from what you would normally listen to, so make sure you have lots of tunes readily available and listen with an open mind.

Tip: Music can heavily influence the emotions you feel during your experience. Change it up if you aren’t feeling it. Make note of what you enjoy for future trips!

4. Entertainment!

isi parente 8iZ9QFYhVEA unsplash - Magic Mushies

Some people prefer to stay away from their electronics entirely, and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature instead. Other people have a great time watching movies and shows, or playing video games with cool visual effects.

If you enjoy a flow art such as hula hooping, light gloving, or spinning poi (maybe not on fire though!), that could be a blast to have available. Perhaps a yoga mat is more your thing. Movement, dancing or stretching your body is usually a great time, no matter how you prefer to. 

Speaking of art, many people find their creative side is enhanced by taking magic mushrooms. Keep some art supplies handy, and a notepad with a pen for any ideas or notes you might want to take during the trip!

5. Stay hydrated!

Remember to have lots of water and maybe a few light snacks available to you. Some people don’t like to eat during their shroom journey, but everyone needs to drink water! 

6. Get comfy!

avi richards Z3IrYTlf WY unsplash - Magic Mushies

  • Have soft blankets and pillows to get cozy with
  • Ice for your water/drinks
  • Wear something special and/or comfortable that you can also move around in
  • Dress in layers, as your body temperature might fluctuate
  • Have comfort items around like stuffed animals, pashminas, accessories or crystals 
  • Bring your pets into the room
  • Anything else that helps you get comfortable in your environment

Sometimes, all you need is a dark room and silence. Or, maybe you’re out for a camping trip and the psilocybin is working its magic, so you need nothing but the natural beauty all around you. These are only some suggestions for things that may enhance your experience and lead to a more enjoyable time overall. Hopefully you’ve learned of something new to add to your preparations list!  

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