The 10 Best Ways to Take Magic Mushrooms

Just like with the craze of cannabis edibles, more people than ever are infusing food and drinks with magic mushrooms. Whether you’re looking to have a psychedelic trip, or simply looking for your favourite way to microdose, we’ve got a wide range of psilocybin mushroom products to suit your needs. 

1. Candy & Jellies 

Jelly candies in assorted flavors

Jelly candies in assorted flavors

Our master candy makers have made the most tasty magic mushroom candies on the market. Truly original, we strive to come up with fun new creations that aren’t found anywhere else, like Smiley Face Microdose Extract Jellies! If you prefer sweet candy over sour, try our Strawberry Smiley Face High Dose Extract Jellies, made with Golden Teachers and bursting with juicy flavour! 

2. Chocolate & Baked Goods

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

More than just magic mushrooms infused with plain chocolate, we have elevated the edibles game with some truly gourmet treats. Our Magic Mushroom Belgian Dark Chocolate Covered Oreos comes to mind as something so delicious, you wouldn’t even know it had shrooms in it! Of course, it does, so remember that before you eat it all at once. 

3. Magic Mushroom Capsules

A bottle of pills with happy faces on them, reading "Daily dose of happiness"

Some people would rather swallow a capsule than eat a psilocybin mushroom edible. If that sounds like you, Magic Mushies has got you covered! We carry both microdose and full dose capsules of 100% ground magic mushrooms. We even have them in different strains, so you can try different kinds of psychedelic mushrooms out for new experiences. Check out our Cambodian True Albino Full Dose Capsules

4. Microdose

A person sitting in a hammock with a cup of tea

Most of our Magic Mushies products are suitable for microdosing purposes. We’ve crafted many microdose teas, including our flavourful Organic Saigon Chai Microdose Black Tea. This warming blend of organic black tea from India, spices and Golden Teacher Mushrooms will have you feeling ready to take on the day! 

5. Nootropics

A plastic toy of Scooby Doo looking through a magnifying glass

Nootropics are supplements used to enhance memory and other cognitive functions. We have different nootropics blends to choose from, like our Scooby Snacks – fun little capsules that contain 250mg of Golden Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis. They have a low dose of magic mushroom combined with our blend of the world’s finest, natural, body-enhancing herbs and extracts. Scooby Snacks allow the user to feel their amazing, euphoric and uplifting effects without debilitating themselves. 

6. Party Packs

A person holding dough over a counter dusted with flour

Sometimes you just want to have some fun with magic mushrooms! Our Party Packs were designed for just that purpose. We have bundled together some of our favourite ideas for a great night with your friends or partner. Try our Magic Mushroom Chocolate Lovers Party Bundle, or have a Psychedelic Chocolate Chip Cookie Party! 

7. Snacks

9 mini Doritos chips in a square

We are branching out from just sweets and treats – Magic Mushies offers a variety of snacks to satisfy your cravings. These are some really out-of-the-box ways to consume magic mushrooms! Have you ever tried shrooms in the form of Zesty Cheese Doritos? How about some Magic Mac n Cheese? Get to it and let us know what you think! 

8. Hot Drinks

Two people's hands touching and each holding a warm drink

Magic Mushies carries a variety of teas, hot chocolate and even Apple Cider! Curling up with a nice, hot mug of your favourite hot beverage is a cozy way to start a trip. It’s also a comforting way to microdose at the start of your day! 

9. Magic Mushroom Tinctures

Tincture bottles with a heart drawn next to them

You may be familiar with CBD oil tinctures, or other cannabis tinctures… Magic Mushies is proud to carry our very own Magic Mushies Microdose Miracle Drops – a 5ml Dropper Bottle contains 125 drops and is 5x stronger than dried magic mushrooms . This preparation is so potent, just a drop is enough for a microdose. If it’s a full trip you’re looking for, or just a microdose on a budget, this versatile product will provide both time and time again! 

10. Whole Magic Mushrooms

Red neon sign on a brick wall reading "Eat what makes you happy"

There are the brave among us who don’t mind eating magic mushrooms exactly the way that they come. Some people even like the taste! Another benefit of buying whole dried mushrooms is that you can make your own edibles, and you can keep trying different mushrooms until you find the perfect ones. Have you ever heard of Lizard King mushrooms? When you make your own edibles, you have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what’s in them, which is important when you’re avoiding gluten or other allergens. 

What’s your favourite way to consume magic mushrooms? Let us know in the comments below! Psilocybin has a ton of different uses, so it only makes sense to have many different forms to try it in. Each method of administration comes with its own unique experience. Good luck and happy tripping!

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