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Mexi | Magic Mushrooms

(3 customer reviews)


Dosage Recommendations

  • Mild Experience: 0.75 Grams to 1.25 Grams
  • Medium Experience 1.5 Grams to 2.5 Grams
  • Intense Experience 2.5 Grams to 5 Grams


If you are into the spiritual side of magic mushrooms, you will enjoy these two types of cubensis as they tend to deliver a very powerful spiritual journey. We’ve heard a lot of great feedback from people over time on this one having very beautiful visions after embracing its gift. Some say the Mazatapec magic mushroom is very gentle on the body, it does not bring down the temperature of the body as much and does not make you grind your teeth as much as other strains, and this is what allows you to concentrate more on the spiritual effects. Many users prefer mexi mushrooms for their first experiences because they offer a complete psychoactive experience with a gentle impact in the body. You’ll feel joy, fun and euphoria and experience visual hallucinations.
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3 reviews for Mexi | Magic Mushrooms

  1. James C.


  2. Richard L

    Didn’t do much for me. Slight creativity boost

  3. Matthew Fahey

    a good medium hitting strain.. not too mild yet, not too potent. A nice inbetween!

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