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Amazonian | Magic Mushrooms

(27 customer reviews)


The Amazonian Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushroom) is one of the more popular  and potent Magic Mushrooms on the market.  The high psilocin and psilocybin give the Amazonian Magic Mushroom its high potency content, intense visual trips, and authentic psychedelic experience.

Dosage Recommendations

  • Mild Experience: 0.75 Grams to 1.25 Grams
  • Medium Experience 1.5 Grams to 2.5 Grams
  • Intense Experience 2.5 Grams to 5 Grams


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27 reviews for Amazonian | Magic Mushrooms

  1. Leyand

    Strong, very pure and good medicine.

  2. Nancy

    perfect product. swift delivery.

  3. Norman Nungaq

    Enjoyed every minute of it with friends

  4. Matthew L.

    Not as strong as described.

  5. max well

    the best get high and for the sky yeah baby

  6. Carissa Driscoll

    i just put a second order through for these! everytime i’ve had them is been nothing but laughs and good times! thank you!!

  7. Kapokewawho

    Spectacular time. Would buy again.

  8. AJACKS81

    It was my first time using this website and was very spectacle to do so. Myself and two of my friends divided a 7g bag together and they were amazing just like when we were kids. I would 100% purchase this strain again.

  9. Jeremy Smith

    My friend and i sat down and split half an oz in one go with these recently. It was a pretty wild ride. Id get them again

  10. Donald Knapton

    Great price Not too powerful 1.5 grams for a great body buzz

  11. Matthew Fahey

    Great price and very potent!

  12. Nathan Crozier

    Great high, had to take 4g to get the full effects but when it kicked in the auditory was epic.

  13. EzRider17

    Once again, beautiful job guys.

  14. A. Naj


  15. Devin Symonds

    First time ordering and 10/10 in every aspect, great service and great product

  16. Deezy Da Trap God

    These ones were like amazinggggggg i fricken loved the high at times jt was a bit strong even for myself a ssasoned vet so if your new to this stuff maybe dont take rhat much lol or youll deffs be in for it for sure highly recommended tho for sure i think they are prolly the strongest ive tried yet.

  17. Robert Defina

    Super visual experience overall. Loved painting while on these! Only downside is they are tiny mushrooms so dosing is quite difficult to predict.

  18. heyitsqueef

    These are the real deal! They are tremendously potent and will give you a very focused but giggly high. I’ve been suffering from debilitating depression since I was a teenager. Conventional SSRI prescriptions never did anything but make me feel worse, so I decided to quit those toxic things and give psilocybin a try because a lot of recent studies are saying that they can rewire the brain back to its default state and not only cure depression, but alleviate a lot of other psychiatric disorders as well. After just one week of using this strain of mushrooms, my depression is almost nonexistent; I haven’t felt this happy and invigorated since I was an adolescent. Psilocybin gave me my life back after two decades of living in sadness and despair! This is the perfect strain if you need a fast-acting pick-me-up.

  19. Stephanie Osberg

    These ones are great. They work very well for my CPTSD I recommend for real relief from symptoms!

  20. Andrew Gertig

    Took 2 grams, had a great time but not as potent as described, still would recommend!

  21. cheralveinot

    Very good trip at a amazing price, 5 stars!!!!!

  22. Jason Forde

    Product arrived quickly and was the best mental health treatment I have had in my life

  23. Nicole Jackson

    This product/strain is really strong, so just be ready. Only take a little bit at a time (as you should anyway). It did bring me to another dimension, so that was amazing

  24. Graciela Garcia Lara

    I was so happy to finally try this Magical mush ! Is very potent , this little friend treat me so good , the effect reactions was quick and last 4hrs , I have a good trip ,the visual was so good and such good feeling this Mushi brought to me !

  25. Graciela Garcia Lara

    I was so happy to finally try this Magical little friend ! Is very potent, the effect reactions was quick and last 4hrs , I have a good trip ,the visual was so good and it give you a such peace and happy feeling you will experience a real love for yourself ! I will definate recommend try this 🙂

  26. Shannon Janes

    Got here fast, good product.

  27. Shun0819

    I’ve tried over 10 strains and this one was my favourite. Please get some more stock!

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